Ingredients for homebrewed beers

We carry lots of ingredients waiting to go into a recipe for you.  Grains are typically blended and crushed when you put your recipe together.  We stock pellet and whole hops.  Availabilities will vary over the course of the year.  Pellets are sold in 1 ounce bags and whole hops in 2 ounce bags.  Occasionally very limited supply whole hops are bagged in one ounce bags so that more brewers can use them.  Yeast is available in both dried and liquid versions.  Our supplier of liquid yeasts is Wyeast.  We order directly from the lab and can special order for you.  We try to maintain as fresh and complete a supply as possible.  In order to do that we will sometimes run out of one.  If you know what you need in advance, we can make sure to have it when you need it.  We also special order certain strains: Brettomyces, lambic, etc.  Those strains won’t be in the refrigerator unless you specifically ask us to order them for you.