Winemaking equipment kits

The Basic Winemaking Kit is all of the necessary equipment for making our Vintner’s Reserve and other 5 or 6 gallon wine kits at home. Plastic and glass fermenters perform equally well. Good technique, quality ingredients, patience and careful sanitation are the keys to great wine right from the start! Our Deluxe Glass Kit exchanges the plastic fermenter with a 6 gallon glass carboy. Glass is easier to sanitize and lets you watch the amazing process of fermentation but the plastic fermenter can be easier for a beginner to use. Plastic fermenters are recommended for fruit wine making. Our Basic Winemaking kit for 6 gallons is the same kit as the basic, with a larger carboy and more corks. The Backsaver version is for 6 gallons of wine and comes with 2 three gallon carboys for secondary. Much lighter to lift and you can make two versions from the same kit. You will be amazed at what a nice wine you can make at a fraction of the cost of commercial wine. Cheers!

Basic Wine making Kit for 5 gallons $96.95

6.75 gallon Plastic food grade fermenter
with grommeted lid
Triple scale hydrometer
Racking cane
Bottle filler w/spring tip
Siphon tubing
5 gallon glass carboy
Carboy handle
Carboy brush
Bottle brush
Double lever corker
25 corks
Deluxe Wine making Kit $142.95

Everything in the basic kit but a six gallon carboy for fermenting (not recommended if you will ferment anything with pulp or chunks that could clog the carboy. You would be better off using the plastic fermenter.

Accessories for the carboy: stopper , handle, small funnel with strainer insert and a wine thief

Basic Wine making Kit for 6 gallons $101.50

Everything in the basic winemaking kit for 5 gallons, but with a 6 gallon carboy for secondary and 30 wine corks

Back Saver Wine making Kit for 6 gallons $110.95

The basic winemaking kit for 6 gallons but with two 3 gallon carboys for secondary. Includes two stoppers and one more airlock, but no handles. Much lighter to move than a full 6 gallon carboy. Great for times when you want to add oak to some, but not all. You can also bottle one carboy sooner than the other…