We carry Winexpert line of wine kits.  These are the varietal grape juice (or a blend).  Wine kits are sized to make six gallons.  Vintner’s Reserve and World Vineyard kits have been improved with more juice to make a more robust wine.  Winemakers can make 6 gallons using a 6 gallon glass carboy or a 5 gallon carboy and a 1 gallon jug.

Selection kits have more juice for a richer, more full bodied interpretation of the wine.  As always, time in secondary can be extended to go beyond just clarifying the wine.  As the wine spends more time in the second carboy it will condition and age.  Wines in the carboy won’t be drunk (usually!), so when you do finally decide it’s time to bottle, you will have more, better tasting wine.  That’s a wonderful thing!

Limited Edition Wine Kits for 2017

January Cabernet Franc, Yakima Valley Washington

January Vermentino Tuscany, Italy

February  Milagro Valencia, Spain

March   Blanc de Noir San Joaquin Valley, California

April  Grenache/Cabernet with grape skins, Riverland, Australia

Sign up at the store.  Deadline for ordering is Wednesday November 30th.  We will call to let you know when your wine kit has arrived at Vermont Homebrew Supply.