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Chapin Orchard Cider Crush 2012

The Cider Crush at Chapin Orchard 2012

October 19th, Friday afternoon till 5 pm

October 20th, Saturday, 9:30 until 4 pm


We are now taking sign ups for the special cider crush at Chapin Orchard.  Cider will be $6.25 per gallon.  You will need to sign up at the store in advance of the crush.  Due to  a limited harvest this year, and some cider crashers, the Orchard will be using the sign up sheet to make sure that the folks on the sheet get their cider.  We can take your requests in person or over the phone.  Please do not sign up on the Vermont Homebrew Facebook page.  

At the store we'll need your name and contact info (phone number), a number of gallons, whether or not you can pick up on Friday, and your choice of Wyeast liquid yeast..  We will have an assortment of liquid yeasts in the store on Saturday, but we tend to sell out of the cider or port wine strains. If you want to make sure we have the yeast you want, then you need to let us know by October 8th at the latest.  Otherwise, once we have ordered it will be first come first served if you didn't pre-order.  We will have lots of Red Star and Lalvin dry wine yeasts in the store, so don't worry about that.  It's just the liquid Wyeast that requires us to pre-order.

Chapin Orchard will post a list of the apples in the blend.  It's a really good cider to use for hard cider.  The extra tartness and acidity from the old antique cider apples add a real snap to your finished cider.  

If you can pick up your cider on Friday afternoon, please do so.  Jim will be pressing then and any cider that goes out on Friday helps him to start the day on Saturday with plenty of cider in the tank. 

There will be apples, honey, donuts and more in the barn.  It's a great place to bring the kids and you'll have a chance to meet lots of other cider makers too.