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Limited Edition Wine Kits

Limited Edition Wine Kits for 2016

Available as a pre-order only, these kits are not produced for the regular line-up.  These are wines that you may have wished to make but could never find the kit.  Complete with yeast, fining agents, oak (if appropriate), & stabilizers, you can make a great wine at home.  Ordering deadline is December 5, 2014.  If you are using a liquid yeast, please ask us to order one for you that works well with the style of wine.  When you are ready to bottle, there are labels included as well.  Please call us or sign up the next time you are in the store. 

For a more complete description of the wines please check out:


Sorry, pre-order deadline for the 2016 kits has passed.  I posted the information on our Facebook page but didn't remember to do the same here.  Sorry, but as always, since we aren't an online shopping site, always call or email us if you want any information.  anne