Brewing Equipment packages

Brewing equipment is very versatile.  Beer brewing equipment can be used to brew other homebrews, like hard cider, that you plan to carbonate.  Beer equipment kits will have a capper and a bottling bucket.  This makes mixing the beer or cider with the priming sugar on bottling day very easy and consistent.  You don’t necessarily need the carboy for secondary if you are learning to brew beer and brew ales not over 5% alcohol to begin with.  The carboy for secondary is highly recommended for stronger ales, lagers and hard cider.

Wine equipment kits assume that you will not carbonate your homebrew.  They come with corks and a simple double lever corker.  You can also use screw top bottles or beer bottles for non-carbonated homebrews.  But never have a carbonated beverage in a bottle like a corked wine bottle or a canning jar.  They just weren’t designed to hold pressure and probably won’t hold the pressure.  Scary and dangerous.

We will sell you a complete kit or just the parts you need.  Beer tends to be a lot quicker so most brewers will get everything they need for fermenting to bottling.  Wine and cider take more time so you can get what you need when you need it.

We also carry a 2 gallon bucket and 1 gallon glass jugs for folks making one gallon recipes.  Many home winemakers start this way and can make lots of different wines over the summer.  When you are ready to make a bigger recipe, you just upscale the fermenter and secondary.